We are proud to present the diverse and inspiring art of Onoma artists in our hotel premises.


Onoma is an art community operating in Fiskars Village, bringing together the talented artists of the area. Our exhibition offers our visitors the opportunity to explore the richness of local art and acquire unique artworks.


The works are also for sale, so you can take with you a piece of the creativity and beauty of the Fiskars art community. More information about each work can be found in the QR codes next to the works. By scanning the code with your smartphone, you can access more information about the work.


Welcome to admire the amazing works of local Onoma art community artists at The Torby Hotel! 




Daniel Enckell

Daniel Enckell is a visual artist whose works are symbolic. In his art, in addition to the abstracted environment, he also uses the form of the concrete human figure.


Enckell's artistic expression is a declaration for equal human and humanity. Every person is at their most genuine at birth; sincere, naked and open. He cherishes this primal state of mind also in his art making, and his language of expression is by no means sentimental but free and crossing the boundaries of different art forms.


Saara Paatero-Burtsov

Saara Paatero-Burtsov is a Finnish ceramic artist and goldsmith. The texture of the wall surface of the slag brick buildings of Fiskars Village has served as a source of inspiration for Paatero-Burtsov's ceramic tiles, their interesting surface that makes one seek for meanings hidden beneath, such as a historical dimension.


The photographs taken by Risto Paatero ponder how the spirit of the place, the genius loci, changes as the seasons change. The photographs are reflected on Saara Paatero-Burtsov's ceramic tiles. The dialogue between the works - both the father's and the daughter's - seeks to express the mood of the place, the genius loci of Fiskars - its unique character and identity.