At The Torby, we are committed to doing our part for a sustainable future.

We are committed to supporting the local community, minimizing our environmental impact, and promoting equality and accessibility.




Environmental responsibility

Developing year-round tourism is a means through which we contribute to mitigating and adapting to climate change. We aim to reduce waste, energy, and water consumption, minimize the negative impacts on the natural environment, use environmentally certified products and materials, and monitor our carbon footprint.


We exclusively use renewable energy sources. We consider energy and water consumption reduction through measures such as energy-efficient faucets, data-controlled heating, and energy-efficient lighting.


We are committed to using recycled or reused furniture whenever possible to reduce the use of new materials and minimize waste.

Financial responsibility

We commit to continuously developing our operations in an economically sustainable manner.


We aim to use our financial resources in a way that promotes environmental and social sustainability while ensuring the long-term financial profitability of our business. This includes our commitment to equal treatment of all stakeholders.

Sociological responsibility

At The Torby, we strive to enhance the visitor experience, value the local community, promote accessibility and equality, and communicate our sustainability efforts to our customers. One of our main principles is to create the best possible  experience for our guests through collaboration with local businesses.



Sustainable Travel Finland -mark helps the tourism industry and travelers to recognize a tourism company and destination that takes sustainable development seriously. The mark is awarded only to those companies and destinations that have gone through the entire Sustainable Travel Finland program and meet the criteria.


Green Key is the world's leading tourism environmental label. There are already more than 3,700 Green Key-certified destinations in a total of 60 different countries.


We Speak Gay is a community of rainbow-friendly businesses and events. We work against racism, homophobia, transphobia and all forms of discrimination.